Gift a Product

It is super easy to give any product or service on Loconomy as a gift to your friends, family or neighbors! 

Simply go to the page of the product that you would like to gift, select the options, and then click ‘Add to Cart’, or ‘Try Once’ (in the case of subscription type products) - as you deem fit. 

Go to your Cart to start the checkout process. If you are a new customer, enter the gift recipient’s address. If you are an existing Loconomy customer, then click on Add Address and enter the recipient’s address. Add their email address, phone number, and any gift message you’d like the Seller to include in the delivery package (at the discretion of the Seller).

If you don’t want the gift to be a surprise to the gift recipient, then we recommend forwarding the Order Confirmation email you receive from Loconomy to the recipient, so they are ready for it. 

We appreciate your love for the products on Loconomy!