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Say Hello to Hello Jar: 

Food Delivery, Done Right 

How Hello Jar Works for Its Partners

Hello Jar delivers your food creations to people all over

the city, in reusable glass or metal containers.


Get Started 

Sign up below. The Hello Jar team will work with you to select menu items, and make them live on Trashless.com. You’ll set your own prices and order cut-off times, while Hello Jar takes care of everything else . . .


Prepare Orders 

A few days before the first day of delivery, Hello Jar will bring clean, pre-labelled jars and rolls of tamper evident seals to you so you are all set for preparing the orders. You will receive an email with the orders placed for your products.


Orders Picked Up

Hello Jar will pick up the orders complete with tamper evident seals signed by you the day before delivery and bring them to our refrigerated facility where they will be sorted for delivery.


The Cycle Continues

Trashless manages the delivery of your products and return of reusable materials from customers. Hello Jar will ensure that you have enough clean jars to fulfill your orders, and will keep track of them. Our dedicated team will always be here to ensure things run smoothly.

Say NO to: 

Plastic Waste Your
Customers Hate


Vanishing Profit



Restricted Delivery


Say YES to: 

Zero-waste (and Zero-cost!) Packaging


Keeping Your



City-wide Market

Restaurants, Food Trucks, Caterers, Home Chefs:


You do what you do best: Prepare your culinary creation, put it in glass jars we provide and get paid . . . while Hello Jar does the rest.

Join the revolution

Why Hello Jar? 

City-wide Market

Are you located in South Austin, but have fans in Georgetown? None of the on-demand food delivery apps are going to get your creations to them. Powered by the Trashless logistics network, 

Hello Jar will.  



Earn More, Without the Stress 

Or losing all your margins. 

On demand food delivery models put everyone in a rat race that no one wins - you lose all or most of your margins; consumers pay extra; drivers are beholden to vagaries of demand and supply; and the apps themselves aren’t making any money either. 

With Hello Jar, everyone wins: 


Consumers have a fridge full of amazing ready to eat items 

they love.


Drivers make a decent, predictable wage.


You utilize your resources better with predictability and

good margins.

Go Zero-waste 

Single-use packaging waste, especially from food delivery, is one of the biggest contributors to climate change - across their entire lifecycle - from mining to manufacturing to transportation to their entering landfills and waterway . . .

Hello Jar is here, bringing you a way to not be part of that vicious economically and environmentally wasteful cycle. 

Oh, and save money too . . .



No Packaging Materials Cost 

Save money, time and space on environmentally damaging single-use packaging materials. 

Use Your

Resources Better 

Hello Jar enables you to grow your business by utilizing your strengths and resources in a way that YOU, not an app, or the weather, or games, or whatever... have control over. Consistent, predictable sales, ability to better utilize low demand time shifts, better manage sourcing and labor.



Pure & Healthy 

Do your hot soups melt the plastic container you pour it into for delivery, contaminating the food in the process? Your customers think that’s nasty, and you probably hate it too. No such thing happens to glass and metal containers. Your food is delivered as it was prepared - without the added plastic residue.

Reduce Food Waste 

With Hello Jar’s planned delivery model, you receive orders in advance, and source ingredients for exactly what was ordered. Result: Significant reduction in food waste - good for your bottomline, our community and the planet. 



Predictable Demand 

Hello Jar has a fast growing base of regular customers looking to try what you have to offer before moving on to the next establishment. These are not fickle customers looking for a quick fix on game day, who will likely never come back. They are consumers looking for good, healthy, sustainable food delivered in zero-waste packaging, regularly. 

Becoming a Hello Jar partner makes you one of Mother Nature's favorites and ensures your business is not contributing to packaging waste in landfills.


Build Your Brand & Following 

Trashless is a community of people who care about the environment, eating healthy, and supporting local businesses. By becoming a Hello Jar partner, you can build a following with the most desirable audience, spread across the city.

Join the Revolution. 



Subscription Plans

Hello Jar has several popular Subscription Plans that bring consumers a culinary world tour through Hello Jar items without hassles, automatically. Your creations will occasionally get chosen to on these plans, giving your sales and brand a boost. 

Set Your Own Price

You set the net price you’d like to get for each item. We recommend using your catering prices and not your menu pricing. Hello Jar simply adds a fixed up charge to cover our cost of handling, delivering, purchasing and sanitizing the jars, labeling, marketing, customer support, credit card fees and everything else that goes into getting your items to customers.  



Product Integrity

All items will carry your branding via a Tamper-Evidence Seal on your jar that you will put the name of the item, sign and date. These will be removed only by the end customer - ensuring the quality and integrity of your items. 

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