Love your java (coffee) Without hurting Java (the country)

And the rest of this beautiful planet.

With the Trashless Takebacks cup, you, your favorite coffee shops, your community, our planet - everyone can enjoy each delicious cup, guiltlessly and conveniently.

Get a cup

Drink sustainably

No more guilt about tossing single-use cups away. 

Measure impact

Your positive environmental impact with each use of Trashless Cups is measured in real-time.

Save money

At their discretion, coffee shops may offer you a discount on beverages served in Trashless Takebacks. In just a few visits, your investment will be recovered.

How it works

Guiltless, Effortless, Trashless

Dirty or clean, swap it for a clean filled Cup next time (keep the lid)

Scan the unique QR code to record your environmental impact

Don't like it? Turn it in

If you don't like your Trashless Takebacks, you can take it back to any participating coffee shop, drop it in the Takebacks bin, and get a full refund of the original cost of the cup. You keep the lid.

Going trashless is also riskless. 

Cup Design Hub

You are going to drink from these Cups. You might as well have a say in what's on them.


Get a Cup

Yes, consumers can order Trashless Takebacks. They will be delivered to their favorite shop they frequent where they can be picked up.

Be a change-maker

Have a Reusable Cup Already?

Or other reusable items like water bottles and grocery bags? That’s great! You can simply get Trashless Tags to put on them and track your environmental impact. Coming Soon!