The Takebacks cup

Tested for months - in coffee shops, and on the go - on foot, in cars, on bikes and even scooters. 

They’re good (to go).

Plastic, just the good kind

Plastic is a magical material that is indispensable to modern life, and we have nothing against it as such. It is avoidable single-use plastic that we are fighting against. 

The Trashless Takebacks cup is a 17 fl.oz, BPA-free high quality plastic reusable cup that works with hot and cold beverages, and can be reused hundreds of times. 

Remember, most 'paper' cups are lined on the inside with plastic (often with a questionable chemical composition) to prevent the liquid from seeping through - so your beverage is touching plastic even then.

Made in the USA

Texas in fact! 

When you get this Trashless cup, you are supporting businesses that are challenging the norm. And, it gives us oversight into the quality of materials and production.

Who says only China should make plastic products?


Did you know that typical single-use paper cups have a plastic lining that prevents them from being recyclable or reusable? 

The Trashless Takebacks cup is reusable and 100% recyclable - even though they can be reused hundreds of time, for years.

Now that's the right way to use plastic. 

What, just 3 bucks?

Yes, that's right. For about the price of an average coffee drink, you can join the mission to cut our everyday carbon footprint and reduce the burden on our waste streams. 

Even that is 100% refundable.