The Trashless Pet Store

The Trashless Pet Store is closing but we will remain open until all products have been purchased. Get your items (many are at a discounted price) while you can in reusable jars or bags that we will recycle for you with Terracycle.


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The Trashless Pet Store is Better for Your Pet & Better for the Planet

We are the only zero-waste pet food store in Austin and the only one that requires our brands to not support factory farming and be Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certified or Ocean Wise certified. We’ve done extensive research and guarantee that our brands are leading the way in providing the most nutritious ingredients and offer the highest standards of sustainability and ethical pet food choices available.

By choosing The Trashless Pet Store, you are reducing the carbon footprint of your pet one paw print at a time. And reducing the burden on your wallet, with our competitive pricing and exceptional service.

Your pet and the planet will thank you.












Try Free Samples

Cats and dogs can be picky about their food and may not like a new brand or flavor. The Trashless Pet Store has you covered! Get up to 3 free samples of different cat and dog food brands and their flavors to see if your pet likes it or not - before committing to a large bag. Samples come in 16oz glass jars, to be returned at the next delivery (just like other Trashless products).


Our Guarantee


✓ Zero-Waste

✓ Premium Nutrition

✓ Ethically and Sustainably Sourced

✓ No Pesticides or Toxic Chemicals

✓ No Artificial Colors or BHA

✓ No Growth Hormones

✓ No Factory Farming

✓ Ocean Wise/ Marine Stewardship Council (MSC)certified

✓ Happy & Healthy Pets

✓ Money Back Guarantee

How it works

Browse the Store ➔ Add Items to a One-time Delivery or a Subscription ➔ Pick Delivery Day ➔ Put Used Bags Out at Next Delivery Day (we’ll send them to TerraCycle to be upcycled into new products)

Why The Trashless Pet Store

Healthier Pets, Healthier Planet

Many of us strive to implement positive nutritional and environmental changes in our lives but are we doing the same for our furry family members? 30% of all meat consumed in America is for pet food so if you own a pet, you have the power to make a big positive impact on the health of your pet and the health of the planet. Our brands all have the highest quality ingredients that you can actually pronounce and understand, which also help maintain your pet’s immune system, reduce allergies, and vet bills. There are no fillers, by-products, artificial flavors, chemicals, or preservatives. Our customers can feel good about the food their pets are eating and the planet!



The Environmental Impact of Pet Food

Pet food production is responsible for 64 million tons of greenhouse gases each year. For example, a medium size dog has a carbon footprint of 2.1 acres, roughly twice the size of an SUV driven 6K miles per year. And nearly 300 million lbs of plastic pet food/treat bags are discarded each year because 99% cannot be recycled. Until compostable pet food packaging becomes a good option for brands, repurposing the packaging into other products is the only way to achieve zero waste.

Austin’s Only Zero Waste Pet Food Store

Contrary to what many people hope and think, your plastic dog food bags are not allowed in Grocery Store Plastic Recycling Bins and end up in land-fills and our oceans. The Trashless Pet Store will recycle your pet-food bags with  Terracycle, which will repurpose them into products such as dog bowls, leashes, watering cans, etc. Simply put the used bags out front at your next delivery - we will pick them up.



Factory Farming & the Pet Food Industry

Pet food production is responsible for almost 30% of all meat consumed in America and 99% of all meat consumed in America (including pet food) is from factory farms. There are over 1500 pet food brands on the market but only 7 are  G.A.P. certified. The Trashless Pet Store is proud to carry 5 of those brands.

The Trashless Pet Store hopes to change the way our companion animals are fed and our farm animals are raised...for the better.

The Science Institute J. Anthis 4/11/2019

Our Mission

We share a love and respect for all animals and the planet we live on. We want to help reduce the environmental impact of our furry family members by providing zero-waste packaging and pet food that is sourced from vegan protein, sustainable fisheries and from farms where animals are able to roam and are free from antibiotics and genetically modified feed. Our customers can feel good about the food their pets are eating while reducing their carbon footprint.



Save a Pet, Save the Planet

The Trashless Pet Store is proud to partner with Austin Pets Alive!. APA! saves thousands of animals each year in Austin by adopting them out to good homes and The Trashless Pet Store saves all their food bags from the landfill. Community partnerships like this are possible thanks to our customers. When you purchase products from the Trashless Pet Store you are not only saving your packaging from the landfill and oceans but you are helping us upcycle all of APA’s thousands of bags as well.

How to Transition Your Pet to their New Food

Switching your pet to our high quality brands needs to be taken slowly so please remember to buy your new food no less than a week in advance for transitioning purposes. Follow this guide once you have your new food. Please keep in mind that each animal is different. Should your pet experience an upset stomach, increase pet food transition time to let his/her body adjust.:

🐶 Days 1 and 2- 75% old food, 25% new food 

🐶 Days 3 and 4- 50% old food, 50% new food 

🐶 Days 5 and 6- 25% old food, 75% new food 

🐶 Day 7- 100% new food

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